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SSCP 智慧平疤貼

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SPMS Pressure Sock

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Progressive Pressure stockings can provide continuous pressure on the muscles of the limbs, and the strength is gradually reduced from the ankle upwards, so that the blood in the stagnant tissues can reflow into the blood vessels, and effectively help the venous valves to close, promote blood to return to the heart, thereby reducing leg fatigue, pain and reduce swelling. 


Style: Pressure stocking short tube, closed toe, suitable for men/women

Unit: 1 pair Color: Beige

Pressure value: 20-30mmHg (mmHg)

​Material: stretch mesh (knitted fabric): 75% polyester fiber 25% elastic fiber. Knitted fabrics are made by interlacing loops. Because of the gaps between loops, knitted fabrics are usually more elastic, softer and more breathable than plain woven fabrics.


Since compression stockings are worn every day, sweat, dust and scum are unavoidable, so they need to be hand washed every day. Don't use a washing machine. You should use warm water to gently rub it a few times. After washing, hang it to dry or lay it flat on a water-absorbent cloth to dry. Do not use a blower to dry.

Since it needs to be cleaned every day, two pairs should be bought when buying to replace and maintain elasticity. If the elasticity is reduced, it must be replaced. Generally, it is recommended to replace it every two months.


The pressure shouldn't be too high to hinder blood circulation. It is generally recommended to wear it for the first two hours to see if it will feel too tight and cause paralysis of the legs. For users with varicose veins, it is recommended to wear them during the day or at work, and take them off at rest.

Size model:

Our company will choose the right Pressure Socks according to your leg size. If you have special needs, you can contact Mr. Li @92828010(Whatsapp), WeChat: hercztech, we will answer your questions as soon as possible. To purchase, please check the purchase details in the online store of this website.

Product Details
Size Size // Foot Length // Calf Circumference
S // 22-24cm // 30-36cm
M1 // 22-24cm // 36-40cm
M2 // 24-26cm // 34-38cm
M3 // 24-26cm // 38-42cm
L // 26-28cm // 40-46cm

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