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SSCP 智慧平疤貼

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SSCP Sheeting Light

The Light version is the best choice when the original SSCP sheet is too intensive for the skin or when the scar is one a part of the body that flexes eg elbow.  It is lighter vision of original SSCP sheet which is thinner, more flexible and better tolerated by sensitive skin.  


  • Flattening, fading and softening red and raised scars - old and new
  • Prevents formation of scar on healed wounds
  • Can be trimmed to conform to different body contours - concave or convex surfaces
  • Comfortable, durable and re-usable
  • Safe to use on children and adults


  • Hypertrophic scar / Keloid  
  • Hypertrophic scars at different stages of development
  • Pediatric case or small joints 


  • Stud diameter : 3mm
  • Stud height : 3mm
  • Total Thickness : 6mm
  • Length: 
    • Large  : 20cm x 14cm  (SP2002)
    • Medium : 10cm x 14cm  (SP2002A)
    • Small : 5cm x 14cm  (SP2002B)