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SSCP 智慧平疤貼

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About SSCP application

Instructions for use:

1. Open the packaging and lift off SSCP sheet with its release liner attached.

2. If necessary, cut to exactly the size of the scar over the surrounding skin, chamfer the edge of the stud to make it as a doom shape. Trim the hair of surrounding area will increase the adhesion and the comfort.

3. Clean and dry the scar and surrounding skin.

4. When applying SSCP, make sure the area is dry. When used together in conjunction with ointment or cream, ensure the cream has been cleared before applying the gel sheet.

5. Remove the release film and apply SSCP over the scar. Avoid stretching when applying over joints.

6. Make sure the pressure generated on the scars or keloid is not too high (optimal pressure 15-25 mmHg), otherwise, blood circulation of the surrounding skin might be impeded.

7. Keep the unused portion in the original container and store in a dry place (less than 25 degree °C) or the fridge (around 4 degree °C).

The SSCP is self-adhesive and it can be held in place securely. However, when applying pressure with the use of Pressure Garment or taping etc, make sure the SSCP is in correct position.

Recommended care

1. Wash SSCP daily hand soap and rinse in clean warm water. Drip dry and reapply to the dry clean scar. Avoid using detergent for cleansing as this may lead to skin irritation. Avoid using paper products to dry the SSCP as it can adhere to the sheet. The SSCP can be fixated properly with Pressure Band, adhesive taping and bandage on movable joints.

2. In hot weather or during periods of physical activity where sweating occur, SSCP should be cleansed more often for comfort and to maintain optimal contact between SSCP and the skin.

3. Ensue the scar and surrounding skin area are clean and dry prior to application. 

4. SSCP should be applied at least 12 hours per day. If possible, it can be applied for 20 hours, allowing for washing and cleaning periods.

5. For better skin acclimatisation, begin by applying SSCP for 4 hours per day for the first two days, 8 hours for the next two days and increase usage time by two hours per day until the optimal 20 hours per day obtained. It is suggested to use the SSCP for 2 hours for the first time, if there is no side effect, continue to use it for 4 hours.

6. When SSCP begins to deteriorate or cleaning is difficult, it should be replaced. It is suggested to change if after four weeks.

7. The Scar grow rapidly from the first two weeks to three months and become stable after one year. The application of SSCP period is recommended to at least 4 to 6 months in order to show its effect.