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SSCP 智慧平疤貼

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Brand: SSCP

SSCP Sheeting

SSCP sheeting is a soft, self-adhesive sheet made from medical grade silicone gel reinforced with a silicone membrane backing with silicone studs of variable diameters and heights.

SSCP Sheeting Light

The Light version is the best choice when the original SSCP sheet is too intensive for the skin or when the scar is one a part of the body that flexes eg elbow.  It is lighter vision of original SSCP sheeting which is thinner, more flexible and better tolerated by sensitive skin.

SSCP Strip

SSCP stripes are specially enhanced SSCPs for surgical scars of different length (from 25mm to 150mm ). The specially designed silicone layer releases users from the trimming process when using traditional SSCPs and impose appropriate pressure on surgical scars.

Smart Pressure Band

Pressure band is a pressure enhancer to fix SSCP on scar tissue by providing a proper pressure and a conformable pressure therapy treatment experience.

SPMS Pressure Sock

Progressive Pressure stockings can provide continuous pressure on the muscles of the limbs, and the strength is gradually reduced from the ankle upwards, so that the blood in the stagnant tissues can reflow into the blood vessels, and effectively help the venous valves to close, promote blood to return to the heart, thereby reducing leg fatigue, pain and reduce swelling.