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SSCP 智慧平疤貼

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Smart Stretched Tape_PB4151

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Smart Stretched tape also uses medical-grade silicone as the bottom layer. The texture is soft and transparent. It is suitable for hypertrophic scars on the face, fingers/toes, wrist, etc., or provides moisturizing and appropriate pressure for areas with eczema; also It can be used for inflammation of joints, such as degenerative/rheumatoid arthritis/ hallux valgus, to stabilize and assist joints.
Benefits of Pressure Band :
  • Fixture and control edema of finger joints
  • Low risk of skin allergy
  • Comfortable, durable and re-usable , easy to cut
  • Safe to use on children and adults

Application :
  • Work on joint & soft tissues injuries
  • Provides moisturizing and appropriate pressure for area with eczema    
  • Can work individually for the scars on fingers, toes, hand and foot web space and joints

Size :
  • Length : 41.5cm
  • Width:4cm
  • Thickness : 0.1cm

Product Details
Size Size:
Length : 41.5cm
Width: 4cm

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